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No need to wear ear muffs at night, the Ultrasonic Bark Control Device from Sprint Industries will keep your barking pooch in line. This bad boy has enough range to even get that yappy dog next door to keep quiet.

With 3 different settings and ranges, you will be able to make sure the your nights are bark free!


Product Spec:

Size: 99 x 68 x 115.5mm

Material: ABS

Color: Black

4 levels of operation including test mode, 3 range levels, on/off switch

2 LED lights

Power indicator can be set to "off" to conserve the battery when you're away Internal microphone picks up the barking sound

Weatherproof and water resistant device designed for outdoor use

Low battery indication

Battery operated: 9 volt (Excluded)

Sensitivity levels activated at 5,10,15 metres