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Solar Powered Led String Garden Lights 

These eye catching Chinese lanterns turn on at sunset 

Create an instant atmosphere on the decking, porch, or patio with the 10 elegant, colourful lanterns.

Eco friendly and no energy costs - the compact solar panel absorbs the sunlight during the day, turns the sunlight into energy and works its magic at night

These lights have endless uses - drape them in trees, bushes, under parasols...

Great for those summer evenings, parties, weddings, BBQ's or for just making your garden look extra specially pretty at night...

  • Cable length - 3 metres
  • 10 x Chinese lanterns
  • Lantern size - 3"
  • Lantern colours - Red, blue, purple, white and orange
  • 1 x LED light per lantern
  • Solar panel and stake mount - 0.2W/2V 75MA  
  • Charging time - 8 hours
  • Assembly required