Solar Powered 20 Moroccan Globe Ball LED String Light




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Add a bit of magic to your homes with the Solar Powered 20 Moroccan Globe Ball LED String Lights. Each bulb has been Inspired by Moroccan ball lights for a unique twist. Powered up using solar power so you don't have to worry about finding a source of power, deal with messy cables and best of all it saves energy and helps the environment! Perfect for indoor or outdoor decorating, the lights automatically switch on when it’s dusk and automatically turns off during the day - no need to monitor them! Lights are waterproof so no need to worry about damage when it rains. Ideal for decorating your garden, patio, lawn, porch, gate, yard, or home for an impressive light show that Will wow your guests! Perfect for parties, special occasions, celebrations, festivities and more. Total 2.9m length of lights.