Smoke Alarm Clock - Smoke Alarm & Wall Clock In One




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Smoke alarms do one very important job, but they're not all that great to look at. This Smoke Alarm Clock, on the other hand, does two important jobs and is great to look at too! This amazing gadget tells you more than just the time. It also alerts you when there's a the possibility of a fire. And that's not all! Its dual-function and design makes it a great feature for any room. In fact, it's ideal at home, where its stylish and contemporary design stands out wherever you put it, or in the office where its two functions come in very handy. The Smoke Alarm Clock just needs one AA battery to operate the clock and a 9V battery for the fire alarm, and it can either eliminate the need for a smoke alarm or double the protection with an existing smoke alarm.

Smoke detector concealed in the clock

Automatic time change
Diameter 38 cm
Black numbers very readable