Smart Anti Snoring Silence Sleeper Electronic Snore Stopper

Smart Anti Snoring Silence Sleeper Electronic Snore Stopper




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Silence Sleeper is a revolutionary device based on this simple idea : reduce snoring

through this same kind of light nerver simulation that does not wake the snorer but

make him reflexively stop.


The Silence Sleeper specially designed biosensor with IC logic-control distinguishes a

pattern of loud snores (three consecutive), and then will send a gentle electrical pulse

(massage wave) to stimulate the snorer’s nerves, pain-free and without waking him

up. The snorer will naturally change his sleeping posture, thereby reducing snoring.

If used over a long period, the Silence Sleeper acts like a training device, as snorers

show improvement through this biofeedback learning process, bringing both them

and their partners a healthier sleep.



In our busy modern society, snoring and resulting sleep deprivation can be a real

problem. Snoring can be originated from an array of causes, from a misaligned jaw

to an obstructed nasal passage that is not allowing comfortable and free flowing

breathing. It is not only an annoying noise that is heard at night, and can be a real

challenge for relationship.


Snoring most commonly occurs when people sleep on their back or remain in the

same position. A change in sleeping position can often stop a person snoring, so to

silence a heavy snorer, many people try to nudge their partner.


  • Have you ever slept around a snorer, does your spouse snore? Do you snore, and are embarrassed on those business trips? Maybe you’re too scared to sleep on the bus or train because of your condition, it is rather embarrassing. Snoring keeps both parties awake all night. Whether you’re snoring or listening to someone snore it means you’re going to be exhausted the next day. Many manufacturers put out products every year to stop people from snoring, but most fail! Finally, a super safe and super comfortable way to stop snoring effectively has arrived. This is a truly amazing tool, just put in the batteries and strap it on to your wrist, viola. NO more snoring, no matter how much alcohol you drink or how tired you are this miracle gizmo will do the trick.
  • Effectively reduces snoring
  • Perfect to prevent embarrassing situations when sleeping on trains, buses, etc
  • Uses 1 x AAA battery (included)


  • Dimensions: 2.28 in x 1.61 in x 0.51 in (5.8 cm x 4.1 cm x 1.3 cm)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 240g