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BDirect brings you the latest in cooking technology the Ceramic Knives are a perfect complement to your steel knives. While you will still need to use your steel knife for every-day, heavy duty cutting, Ceramic Knives are perfect for slicing fruits and vegetables and other precision cutting tasks
Ceramic knive set
These Ceramic Knives are of Premium Quality will stay sharp and long lasting, Their chemical inertness to both acids and alkalis and their ability to retain a cutting edge far longer than forged metal knives makes them a very good chefs tool for slicing and cutting through meat, vegetables and fruits. Blades are made from zirconium oxide, a state-of-the-art ceramic material that holds a razor-sharp edge ten times longer than steel. Designed to slice, mince and dice fresh produce and meats with unrivaled ease and precision.
Ceramic knive set
6.2 -inch Chef's knife, 4-inch slicing knife,and ceramic peeler and block
Stay sharper longer: Harder than steel, and will hold edge longer than a steel blade
Will not rust and is easy to clean: Resistant to acids, germs and oils
Will not affect the taste of or brown food
Easy to clean: just rinse off and wipe clean
Lightweight: easy and comfortable to use for precision slicing
Ceramic knive set