Royal Comfort Deluxe Down Quilt




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There’s nothing better than rolling around in bed in Winter. Well now Royal Comfort is making it even harder to get of bed! If you don’t have someone to sleep next to, it doesn’t matter, this quilt is warm enough to heat the beds of the lonely. If you are ready to have your life transformed, slip into a warm and snuggly coma every night and wake up feeling refreshed, then you have just came across your dream quilt. This deluxe quilt is the quintessential quilt for winter.


This Quilt is made of Premium Quality Duck Down, to keep you warm, regulate heat and most of all make you late for work in the morning. If you want to be productive, not call in sick and have mediocre sleep then don’t buy this quilt. If you want to sleep like a Royal, then you know what to do, the buy button is up the top!


The Specs:

Cover: 233TC 100% COTTON WHITE

Filling: 50% Down + 50 Duck feather