Professional Digital Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer




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This is a professional digital breath alcohol tester. High quality and high accuracy and responds in 5sec. With a port to insert mouthpiece for blowing into (more accurate that breathalyzers without). High accuracy detection range: 0.000-0.199% BAC / 0.00-1.99 BAC / 0.00-0.99 mg/L. Built-in Mouthpiece, Mouthpiece can be replaced. Rapid detect results,quick response and resume. Easy to use, Light weight, with a bag thats easy to carry. Low power consumption, auto power-off. Sensor fault self checking.


  • Blue blacklight 3-digital screen
  • Color: Black
  • LCD blacklight: Blue
  • Sensor: Advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor
  • Warm-up time: Within 10 seconds
  • Respond time: Within 5 seconds
  • Operating environment:-10~50 degree
  • Detection range: 0.000-0.199% BAC / 0.00-1.99 BAC / 0.00-0.99 mg/L
  • Digital display results (% BAC / BAC / mg/L)
  • Power input: 3 x "AAA" alkaline battery, (not included)
  • Dimension: 112*60*30mm

Package includes:

  • 1 x Alcohol Breath Tester LCD Digital Analyzer Breathalyzer
  • 1 x Carry bag  X 1
  • 1 x User manual


Detailed Product Description

Advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor
Quick response and resume
SMD assembling, stable performance
MCU control
Direct testing process LCD indication,BAC 0.000%,0.00 %0,mg/l

One key operating
Digital LCD display with light blue backup
Portable and fashion design
Audio warning beyond pre-set limit
Sensor Fault Self checking
Battery saved design, low voltage indication