Pro Medica Electric Toothbrush - Black

Pro Medica Electric Toothbrush - Black




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Using manual toothbrush is certainly an inexpensive and sufficient way to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. However, it is scientifically proven that electric toothbrush is more effective to Reduce levels of plaque when compared to manual brushing. Bring out the best in your smile with ProMedica Electric toothbrush. With advanced ultrasonic cleaning, technology produces 21,000VPM powerful dynamic cleaning action, equals to the power of 30,000 strokes per minute. Featuring 3 brushing modes (high, soft and massage) and 2-minute auto timer to ensure dentist recommended brushing. The precision auto timer also notifies you when to change brushing area, providing you with the most advanced thorough cleaning! Each toothbrush is equipped with a hygienic storage capacity of 4 pcs brush heads. Waterproof design so you don't have to worry about spilling or splashing water while brushing your teeth Colour: Black. Includes 1 x toothbrush handle, 1 x charging base with hygienic storage and 3 x brush heads.