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The Paris Glam Shellac Manicure Kit provides absolutely everything you need to achieve the highest quality finish to your choice of nail design. Included in the package is a base coat, a top coat and 13  vastly different colours to satisfy all of your creative needs. What really sets this package apart, however, is the inclusion of high end Shellac based colours. With more than four years of research and testing, Shellac has been designed to supersede the often toxic nail polishes currently on the market. As the manufacturers of Shellac state “it goes on like polish and wears like gel”. 

In addition to the inclusion of revolutionary Shellac colours, the Paris Glam Shellac Manicure Kit also boasts the inclusion of a compact quick drying lamp. This LED lamp has been tailored to greatly speed up the process of drying your nails. Now within a minutes your masterpiece can be set and ready for show

The only limitation to this package is your imagination. Whether you enjoy doing your own nails or are confident enough to start booking in your friends, all the tools you need to create that salon finish are close to being literally at your fingertips

Shellac Kit


1 x 3W LED lamp

1 x top coat

1 x base coat

13 x colour gel