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No one wants to leave their house without feeling beautiful every day. This Paris Glam Hollywood Inspired vanity Mirror is your must-have addition to all beauticians, makeup artists or simply for you who want to look dazzling and beautiful before starting your day. The secret to beauty booster isn't actually your makeup or cosmetics - but it's your mirror and light source. Without proper lighting when applying makeup, that "glow" can look like a nightmare by the time you leave the house and leave you unrecognisable. This hollywood mirror provides you with true and natural light that Will help you with your daily beauty routine. Featuring 14 LED light bulbs in warm White around the frame that Will give you light projection in the face, ensuring uniform colour and won't form a shadow. So, you can get a better grasp of the degree of shade when applying makeup. Elegantly designed from opti-quality salon glass and polystyrene material that ensure durability and long-lasting use. Free-standing design. An ideal addition to your dressing table. A must-have mirror for everyone who wants to look absolutely fabulous every day!