Paris Glam Hair Straightening Brush

Paris Glam Hair Straightening Brush




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LCD Display                                           

360 swivel cord                                   

ON/OFF Switch                       

230 max temperature                 

PTC heating                                


 This innovative new hair straightening product makes your hair straight quickly and effortlessly

It's so easy to use - simply brush your hair and within minutes it's straight. You don't even have to section or clip your hair!

This device features an LCD display to control the temperature settings of 185-230 degrees


Straighten your hair quickly and easily with the innovative hair straightening brush.

How to Use:

Step 1: Ensure your hair is completely dry before starting

Step 2: As you brush your hair it is important to ensure your hair gets deep into the bristles of the brush. This can be done by using your other hand to help guide and stretch your hair

Step 3: Brush your hair nice and slowly to ensure the heat is applied to your hair. Start from the roots of your hair to the end of your hair in a slow pulling motion

Power: 29W

Heating time: 30 secs

Temp: 80 - 230 degrees

Adjustment segments: 5 degrees

Recommended Temperatures: 170 - 200°C for fine hair/ 190 - 210°C for medium hair/ 210 - 230°C for thick hair

Please Note: It is important to use the recommended temperature settings for your hair so you don't over heat it and risk burning your hair. Ensure your hair is completely dry before using this product