Mygenie Ls 550 Intelligent Robotic Vacuum

Mygenie Ls 550 Intelligent Robotic Vacuum




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  • Welcome to the new age of vacuums, kick your feet up and let the LS 500 do the rest of the work 
  • Efficiently vacuums dirt, debris, pet hair, dust, allergens 
  • Each space isolater creates an adjustable infrared beam that robot will not cross, perfect for blocking doorways and areas that are off-limits. 
  • 2modes: 1). spot cleaning model, 2), auto cleaning mode
  • Working time: 1.5 hour 
  • Charging time: 2 - 3 hours 
  • Battery: 15V NI-MH battery 1000mAh 
  • Dust bin: 0.3L 
  • The robot has 8pcs sensor for the whole unit, 5pcs in the front bumper and 3pcs in the following 
  • Technical Spec.: Voltage: 15V Power: 15W 
  • Operating temperature range -5-40 Degrees centegrade
  • Operating humidity range 85RH 
  • Accessories: Batteries Charger x1,Clean brush x1 Charging base plate x1,Side Brush x 2, Filter x 2,
  • white blue