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Getting tired of time consuming sweeping duties and constantly keeping your floors spotless clean?



The My Genie ZX1000 eagerly answers to your daily cleaning needs - it allows you to clean, sweep, mop, and sterilize your floors in just a simple press of a button.The My Genie ZX1000 is made for people who need an effective, time efficient, and highly Intelligent cleaning companion. Like all home appliances, the My Genie ZX100 comes with superb features you will absolutely love:






·          An Automatic Charging / Cleaning feature,



·          Suction Assembly Option that best fits the cleaning of fur and hair, and has powerful suction for extracting micro particles in carpet



·          An automatic suction power adjustment feature for power saving and improved cleaning efficiency



·          3D Filter to avoid suction blockage during cleaning with HEPA for better filtration of smaller air pollutants combined with a



·          Compact size to reach all nooks and crannies



·          Comes with a complimentary 2-Way virtual wall



·          LARGE 0.9L Dustbin



·          Trailing bar with 2 mopping functions: Wet and Dry



  •     Available in black and white





Aside from having these features, the My Genie ZX100 also has an option for remote controlling, Scheduled Cleaning Option for automatic daily cleaning, a Safety Protection that automatically stops operation upon opening the dust cover or removing the dustbin, a Mute Cleaning mode if silence is required whenever cleaning, and runs up to 90 mins.