MyGenie x750 Mop Plus Vacuum




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Life can be busy, and cleaning can take time. Have you ever wished for a no fuss solution to the mundane household chores? Well your wish is our command. The My Genie x750 is everything you have hoped for an more. This robotic vacuum cleaner is perfect for all floor types, any sort of dust, fibres and excellent for pet hair. With a huge 0.4L capacity, this genie will make your wish of a clean florr come true. Not only have the my genie team powered this intelligent robotic vacuum with mighty suction, there is a UV steriliser to kill all the germs that you can’t see.


But wait there’s more! The My Genie x750 comes with a large, attachable mop, to do all the dirty work you wish you didn’t have to do.


Your wish has come true and the My Genie x750 won’t disappoint.





Touch screen with tone

(this tone also can be made according to customer requirement and also can be in different languages)

UV Light to kill germs

Dust detection sensor for more efficient cleaning

2x ergonomically designed side brushes to optimise dust collection

Mop attachment

2x Filters, one primary and HEPA

A virtual wall for those places that the My Genie doesn’t need to clean

Infrared Remote to clean the floor while you’re sitting on the couch

Auto recharging function, the My Genie will go back to the dock when it’s time to power up

Daily Schedule Function: you can program the My Genie to not be seen when you’re home, set the time and let the Genie do its work

Anti-Falling Sensors: The My Genie is equipped with 10 sensors so it doesn’t fall off stairs or edges. The sensors also help it manoeuvre around furniture.

Self-Adjusting Suction Power: This helps the Genie clean more efficiently, less power on the easy to clean places so it can really get stuck into those soiled spots.

Dust Bin Capacity: 0.4L this makes sure the My Genie can handle the big jobs

Battery Capacity: 2000Mah

Working Time: 90 Mins

Dust Bin Switch: The my genie is one of the most robust models out there, even if you take the dust bin out this Robot can still work away.

Cleaning Noise: The My Genie is one of the industries lowest noise vacuum cleaners you wont hear a peep even when it’s operating at full capacity. All noise is below 60DB

The My Genie is constructed out of quality materials and has the most up to date software available, making this the robot on everyone’s wish list.