Milano 3 Piece Premium ABS Luggage Set - BONUS LUGGAGE SCALE!!!




Product type: Luggage

Vendor: Bdirect Shop


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Each suitcase features combination locks
Contemporary design helps your bags stand out
Tough, Durable ABS material
Small: 2.9kg, 20" - 49cm H x 33cm W x 23cm D
Medium: 3.5kg, 24" - 59cm H x 39cm W x 27cm D
Large: 4.35kg, 28" - 69cm H x 46cm W x 31cm D

Maximum weight per luggage piece:

20'' - 11kg
24'' - 16kg
28'' - 21kg

Litres per luggage piece:

20‘’ (Small)      -  27L
24'' (Medium)  -  58L
28'' (Large)     -   95L


It's bad enough you have to pay to check a suitcase, but if that suitcase weighs more than 50 kilos, plan on forking  more, depending on the airline. And if it happens to tip the scales to few kilos, the price goes up yet again.

To avoid such nasty surprises at the airport, weigh your suitcase before leaving. Easier said than done, right? Most luggage will block the display of the typical bathroom scale, and I've yet to stay in a hotel that even had one.


40Kg Portable Electronic Digital Weigh Scale – Measures Mass Weight Travel Luggage Fishing Outdoors Kitchen Groceries Hanging Weighing Balance

Take this handy portable digital weight scale anywhere to weigh items up to 40kgs. Uses include weighing luggage, fish, bulky items, kitchen items etc etc.
Colour: Black (As shown)
Maximum Weight: 40kg
Minimum Weight: 10g (Approx)
Uses 3V CR2032 Batteries included