LED Shower Head Temperature Control

LED Shower Head Temperature Control




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Do you hate stepping into the shower before the water has warmed up? Then you need this LED shower head! The LED lights in the shower head are powered by the water current no batteries needed and change color to correspond with the temperature of the water. 3 colors LED shower head will display depending on the water temperature. Brighten your shower experience with the innovative LED technology. LED Shower lights transforms your everyday shower into illuminated water - in the color of your choice. No batteries or electricity is required it transforms the boring water into a colorful waterfall through regular showerhead.

Multiple color change
1. No battery, no electricity
2. .When water flows the led lights up instantly.Lights up:


Blue when water temp is below 25 C

Green when water temp is between 25 C - 36 C

Red when water temp is between 36 C - 46 C

Red flashing when water temp is above 46 C

Changes color by detecting water temperature

3. Light goes off when water source is turned off
     multiple LED color through jump change.
4. Brightness is such enough even no other lighting fixtures needed.
5. LED color will not be subject to the temperature of water. 
6. Material: Galvanized ABS plastic
7. Easily connects to existing fitting