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1. LED planter,flower pot
2.Made from UV resistant polyethylene.
3.Available in a wide range of colours.
4.OEM service
LED planter,flower pot,made of PE,by rotomolding
With rotational molding, parts can be molded economically in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, many of them impossible to produce by any other method.
Rotational molding is suitable for hollow parts , short production runs and prototypes as well as high volume production.
Design flexibility ranges from small, intricate designs to large, complex parts.
The Advantages of our Rotomolding:
1) Economic tooling costs.
2) One-piece construction.
3) Weight reduction-as compared to most metals.
4) Uniform wall thickness-nothinning in the extremites.
5) Thickness can be varied if required
6) Variety of finishes and color.
7) The ability to produce multi-wall moldings.
8) Design flexibility-from small and intricate to large and complex.
9) Metal inserts as integral parts.
10) Short lead-time.
11) Resistance to stress-cracking and corrosion.