Kitchen Couture Pizza Maker

Kitchen Couture Pizza Maker




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Starving?! No problemo! Kitchen Couture is bringing the heat back to the kitchen with the all new Pizza Maker.  Create an edible master piece in under 8 minutes. That’s right you can feed the masses and be known as the next Michelangelo for your culinary skills.

Inspire your inner Italian and whip up a Florentine special in no time. The large 32cm hot plates cook the perfect family size pizza whilst the adjustable heat and timer assist in cooking it to perfection.

Don’t feel like pizza? Well that’s ok too, Kitchen Couture have put a little ingenuity into their design. The hot plates are able to cook on both sides when open. Yep that’s right, no need to carb load when you can make a hearty dish of the Asian Persuasion!


Cook Pizza’s in minutes

Non Stick Hot Plate

32CM size Plate

Can used as dual hot plates to grill food


Technical Specifications:

Colour – Black


Variants and Sizes:

32cm Diameter

Black Colour

What’s in the box:

1x Pizza Maker

Size and Weight of the Product:



Care Instructions:

Do not place in the dishwasher

Household Use Only

When cleaning the surface use a damp cloth

Do not use abrasive products to clean

Clean when completely cool.


Material - PF,Aluminium


Surfaces can be hot when cooking, please use caution to not burn yourself.

The first time this product is heated, it will emit smoke as it is burning off the excess non stick coating.