Kitchen Couture 7L Digital Air Fryer




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Love your fries but don't want to ruin your diet? Want to reduce your oil intake? The Air Fryer is just for you! This fryer uses unique air technology to let you fry without having to use any or little oil to ensure you get that crispy skin on the outside but tender on the inside. Make healthier, easier and faster food with the Kitchen Couture Air Fryer. This fryer evenly circulates hot air rapidly around food from all sides at once without the need for oil like conventional methods but still creates the crispy outer layer you desire. This means food prepared by the air fryer contains up to 80% less fat, making your guilty pleasures a healthier choice. Features 7 litre capacity, a 60-minute digital timer, and backlit digital touchscreen. An absolute must-have in every kitchen, it looks stylish enough to be the centre of attention on your counter. Dishwasher safe but not recommended because non-stick coatings might be damaged.