Kitchen Couture 10L Air Fryer




Product type: Kitchenware

Vendor: Bdirect Shop


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The Kitchen Couture Air Fryer evenly circulates hot air rapidly around food. The Kitchen Couture Air Fryer heats up the food from all sides at once, making it a healthier, faster and easier method to prepare tasty food than conventional fryers. The Air Fryer does not use oil to fry food like conventional methods but can still create the crispy outer layer. As a result, food prepared by the Air Fryer contains up to 80% less fat than those prepared by a conventional fryer. Not only does the Kitchen Couture Air Fryer make your guilty pleasures a healthier choice, it does the job faster. Typical cooking time is 10-20 minutes, compared to 15-30 minutes by a conventional fryer or oven. This versatile Kitchen Couture Air Fryer is a must-have in every modern home kitchen.



  • 220-240V AC,50/60Hz,1300W
  • Capacity:10L
  • Triple cooking power: infrared heat, hot turbo air and 360 degrees food rotating system
  • 50-230 degrees temperature controller
  • Muli-function:Broil,Grill,Roast,Oil-free fry, Bake, BBQ, Stir-fry, Defrost etc

Care Instructions;

Never immerse cord or plug into water or any other liquid.
If scrubbing is necessary, use a nylon or polyester mesh pad.
Do not use a steel wood pad or abrasive material.
Never use solvents or cleaning powder.
Do not get any liquid inside the head/lid.