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Put a smile on your child’s face as he unwraps the gift you gave --his favorite dream car toy, Kids Ride-On Car. Show him what happy childhood is all about - fun and a realistic experience of driving his own. Worry no more about safety because this toy car has a remote control where you can manipulate anytime, and has seat belts so your kids are safe and secure wherever they go. At a young age, you’re teaching him about self-confidence while enjoying the most important part-  fun and adventure!

Product Features:

* Stylish Lacquer finish 
* Upgraded 50W twin motor
* 12V battery
* Rear wheels suspension
* Anti-slip tyres
* Realistic Engine and Horn sounds
* LED headlights and tail-lights
* Large comfortable seat with seat belt
* Flashing lights with music
* Push start button
* Manual and parental remote control
* Pull-out handle
* MP3 connection
* SAA-approved battery charger 


* Motor: 50W (2 × 25W)
* Load capacity: 25kg
* Battery: 2 × 6V4.5AH
* Speed range: 2-8km/h
* Speed Mode: High / Low
* Operating hours: 1-1.5 hours per full charge
* Remote Control : Manual & remote
* Charge Time - 4-6 hours( no more than 10hrs per charge)
* Dimension: 97*69.2*53.2cm
* Adjustable seatbelt
* User:  Above 3 years old 

Package Contents: 

1 x Kids Ride On Car
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Aux cord
1 x User Manual