Home Surveillance System 4 Channel Cameras 720p

Home Surveillance System 4 Channel Cameras 720p




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With our Surveillance System with 4 cameras night vision, motion detector you can check up on your kids at home, watch your house whilst you’re on holiday, and keep an eye on your employees whilst you’re out of the office – regardless of where you go, you’ll have access to all your cameras at the press of a button on your Smartphone iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or any computer connected to the Internet.

In today’s Surveillance System society you can be sure that someone is always watching; with our Surveillance System, that someone can be you.

Forget having eyes in the back of your head; with this Surveillance System you can have eyes anywhere. It’s the perfect solution for those who need mobile, round-the-clock surveillance.


  • Surveillance kit includes a 4 channel H.264 real-time standaloneDVR and four indoor/outdoor IR security cameras, cabling and mounting hardware
  • HD Recording
  • Everything you need to have your surveillance system up and running in your home or business quickly and easily
  • The DVR is a 4 channel, fully integrated, real time, and hardware based standalone digital video recorder
  • The DVR is based on an embedded Linux operating system and includes a remote control for easy setup and operation
  • DVR functionality is easily controlled by using either the remote control or the front panel controls on the DVR
  • DVR supports network access through Ethernet RJ45 interface
  • Support DVR backup via USB flash drive, removable drive, recorder and network
  • The DVR also features the most updated 3G mobile live! Preview via mobile phone
  • Use the 15-pin VGA output to connect a computer monitor (not included)
  • The cameras included in the kit are weatherproof, day/night, security cameras with 30ft night vision
  • Record Mode options include Continuous, Time Schedule, and Motion Detection
  • Each camera comes with a 18 meter power and BNC video all-in-one cable
  • All four cameras are powered by one AC adapter using a 4-way power splitter
  • Monitor is not included in the packagecording


DVR Features:

  • 4 CH Real-time Surveillance DVR 
  • H.264 Hardware Compression
  • Video Input / Output: BNC 4 / BNC 1
  • Audio Input / Output: RCA 4 / RCA 1
  • Signal System: NTSC / PAL
  • Display: 120 fps
  • Record: 120 fps
  • Remote Access: Internet Explorer or Netviewer Software
  • Support Remote View via Smart Phone & 3G Mobile:
  • 4 720p Cameras
  • DVR unit kit made out of galvanised iron.
    a) iPhone™
    b) Google Android™
    c) Blackberry™ OS V4.6
    d) Windows Mobile™ Pro 5.0 & 6.1
    e) Symbian™ S60 3rd & S60 5th