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Portable Shelving, Shoe Organiser, Two Suit Protectors and Two Storage Boxes including Delivery

Having trouble stuffing skeletons into your closet? Make no bones about it, a closet organiser will keep them out of sight and out of mind. Tidy up your life with minimal effort when you get this space-saving Happy Closet Organiser. This customisable six-piece set is designed to eliminate closet clutter and organise your entire wardrobe into neat, accessible sections. Go straight to that summer chiffon blouse without rifling through a pile of jeans and winter woolies first. Your set comes with portable shelving, a shoe organiser, two suit protectors and two storage boxes (perfect for bulky items like towels and bed sheets). Next time you have a friend over, you won't have to be usher them out of the room before you fit those skeletons back in the closet. Or maybe now you'll want to show them off?

6 pc  wardrobe organiser storage set

Large portable shelving -30cmx 30cmx 80cm

Medium portable shelving /  hanging shoe organiser – 15cm x 28cmx 80cm

suit protectors = 60cm x 100cm

Jumbo storage box – 60cm x 45cm x 30cm

Medium storage box – 50cm x 35cm x 20cm

Perfect for storing and organizing – Clothing, Shirts, towels, Suits, shoes, blankets, quilts, underwear, socks, bedding, etc