GelTech Dreamzone Gel Memory Foam Mattress Gel Infused High Density




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Constructed from High grade Geltech Gel and PREMIUM grade memory foam for a blissful and comfortable slumber

Specifically designed so it supports, and hugs the contours of your body, the memory foam mattress transports you in to a blissfully comfy nights sleep. Sleep with the full support of the small of your back, under your arms, neck and every other nook. The cover has a zip so can be removed for washing.


Gel Infused Memory foam mattress 

Thickness: 20cm

Discover the difference Gel  memory foam can make with this luxurious yet supportive mattress

Easily wash the 250gsm knitted fabric cover that's zippered and simple to remove

Designed to aid posture - conforms to your anatomy, changing shape as you shift positions

Can relieve aches, pains and pressure sores


Bonus offer every bed gets a Geltech Gel pillow twin pack free!!



Come rolled and vacuum sealed for easy delivery: The item will expand to its normal shape within 1 day after unpacking.