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If you thought the Mastercard card in your wallet was the perfect tool for solving all of life’s little emergencies, think again. This wallet-friendly backup battery can charge your iOS devices or serve as an emergency sync cable.
With just a 400mAh battery tucked inside its 7mm-thick case, the card’s not going to be able to charge more than one device before needing a recharge of its own. But the fact that it doubles as an ultra-compact sync cable more than makes up for that limitation.  it even includes an LED flashlight for emergencies that don’t involve uploading one last Instagram photo.

This accessory got 3 functions:
- an emergency charger for your iPhone / iPod, it has 400mah battery inside!
- a LED torch for emergency use
- A cable for iPhone / iPad for Data Sync / Charge via any standrad USB Charger.

It is an emergency charger, it measures 87x56mm and 7mm thickness!  It is just as a name card!

- Compact and lightweight
- As an emergency torch (LEDs)

This case is suitable for:
- iPhone 4S
- iPhone 4
- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone 3G
- iPhone 2G
- iPod Touch 1G
- iPod Touch 2G
- iPod Touch 3rd Gen
- iPod Nano 5th Gen
- IPod Nano 4G

Package Contents:
- Card Type Emergency Charger with LED Torch x 1