Convection Oven : Multifunctional Cooker




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220-240V,50Hz, 1200-1400W,   65°C--250°C.
Multifunctional cooker :cooks many ways-Broils-Roasts-Bakes-Grills-BBQ-Fries-Steams-defrosts-disinfects
Easy Cooking: Easy to Operate--just set timer&temperature; Easy to Clean.
Even Cooking: Hot moving air circulates around the food,so food cooks evenly.
Perfect cooking: Foods sear quickly on outside ,Sealing juices in the inside.
Quick Cooking:Cook 2~3 times faster than standard oven, Saving up to 60%energy
Heat resistant glass bowl ,transparent container allows you to see through the cooking.
Safety and energy-saving micro-switch , lift handle to switch off ,put down it to switch on.
Capacity :12 Liters . It could be enlarged to 17Liters with extender ring.
Detachable power cord, easy to carry.
Digital control, friendly operation, you can order the cooking in advance.