Comfort Zip Pillow Twin Pack




Product type: Bedding

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Renee Taylor is proud to present the latest innovation in sleep science.


Our Renee Taylor ComfortZip pillow provides the flexibility to expand height, loftiness and support with just one ZIP!

Don’t waste time and money on multiple pillows that just aren’t quite right.

Whether you sleep on your front, back or side you can adjust the support for your perfect level of comfort.

By adjusting the pillow this may help eliminate loud snoring and may help if you suffer from neck stiffness.

The science of sleep has been proven to show that a deeper sleep begins with the right pillow.

This new innovative 3 in 1 Pillow allows you to customize from firm (Zip Both sides), to medium (UnZip 1 side), to soft (UnZip both sides) support with 2 simple zips.

Unzipping your pillow creates extra room for ultimate loft as well as exposing a mesh side wall, allowing air to circulate freely within the generous microfiber fill.

Finished with a water and stain resistant 300 thread count cotton japara cover, the new ComfortZip pillow will transform your night’s sleep.



45cm X 70cm  (2)



1000gsm High grade Microfiber

70 % Hollow microfiber 0.7D and

30 % 3D Polyester

Cover: 300tc 100% Japara Cotton