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Using mild electrical impulses through the soles of the feet, The Circulation Accelerator creates muscle contractions to help relieve pain including arthritic pain, reduce swelling and aid muscular recovery. All in just 30 minutes each day as you sit and relax.

Introducing the Circulation Accelerator. With greater simplicity, more convenience and lower profile, the Circulation Accelerator gives you no excuse to ignore poor circulation. And, the new compact design allows it to fit easily under most couches. It’s so easy to use - just 30 minutes each day while watching TV, relaxing or working at your desk will help give you significant improvement. Plus, you can also apply adhesive gel pads to your body for additional pain relief.

The Circulation Accelerator may help:

- Improve blood circulation. With age or genetics, many people suffer narrowing or reduced elasticity of the veins. This restricts normal blood flow, regardless of how much exercise you do. The Circulation Accelerator performs therapeutic muscle stimulation to help increase blow blood flow.

- Relieve aches & pain. Mild electrical impulses applied to the nerve endings in the feet or acupressure points on the body are very effective in the management of aches and pains. Mild electric impulses to block pain messages going from the area of pain to your brain.

- Ease arthritic pain. Arthritis is a condition in which the joint becomes inflamed with common symptoms of pain, swelling and stiffness in one or more joints and fatigue. Arthritis doesn't need to control your life. This technology helps to increase blood flow and can be very effective to remedy arthritic stiffness and ease pain.

- Reduce Swelling (a.k.a. cankles) Blood is immediately circulated throughout the foot and pumped back up through the legs,helping to improve your blood circulation and reducing swelling around the ankles.

- Cankles When it becomes difficult to tell the difference between the calves and the ankles as there is little or no definition. Cankles occur due to swelling in the lower legs and feet which is often the result of poor circulation.

- Aid recovery from muscular injury Following adequate rest for the particular injury the Circulation Accelerator may help to oxygenate and circulate the blood plus reduce inflammation to help the healing process.

- Aid overall well being through a general full-body reflexology treatment the Circulation Accelerator comes with a set of six adhesive gel body pads and an application chart to indicate the various acupressure points of the body. The body pads may be used to target specific points of pain such as sore knees, back pain or strained muscles.