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With a press of a button on the Pen Spy Camera from Hidden Camera Surveillance Services , users can take high quality pictures and continuous high resolution audio and video.
These pen cameras also have motion detection recording, meaning users can leave the camera on a jar or on a desk and as soon as someone moves within range the pen will silently record everything, including high quality audio. To set the pen camera to motion detection mode the user simply presses a button on top of the pen four times.
Supplied with a built in memory of 4GB, built in pinhole camera, and built in pinhole microphone, these spy cameras are one of Hidden Camera Surveillance Services' most popular covert security cameras.
Playback from these pen cameras is very easy. Simply unscrew the pen to find the USB interface. Connect this to a PC and the computer will recognise the device as an external drive where a list of AVI files and/or pictures will be found. Video files can be played back using free programmes such as Windows Media Player, and can be saved to the PC to ensure they are not lost.
Key features of the Pen Spy Camera from Hidden Camera Surveillance Services include:
low illumination, high-resolution video and photo recording/taking
high-speed recording and quick light response
video resolution: 1280x720/640x480/352x288 selectable
snap shot resolution: 1280X720
motion detection auto recording
voice recording function
web camera for online video chat
flexible use as a removable disk
built-in flash memory of either 2G, 4G, or 8G
supports AVI video recording format
real time display
built-in lithium rechargeable battery for 1.5hrs video recording
easy operation with LED indicator.