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The Body Analyser Digital Scales provide all the information you require in order to successfully manage a weight loss regime. Apart from the weight measurements, they also monitor variables such as body water content, body fat content and body muscle mass. All these elements are crucial in order to accurately monitor the success of any weight loss program. The latter (body muscle mass) is especially important given that while your weight may stay the same, if your body muscle mass increases you are actually doing more to increase your overall health With the capacity of storing information for up to 10 family members and friends.

  • Loose Weight, Put it On, Keep it Off or Just Keep Track of Yourself with the advanced Body Analyser
  • Find out exactly what you are made of with the Body Analyser which measures your Body Fat (range 5-50%), Hydration (range 20-70%), Bone Mass, Muscle Mass and BMI
  • Like a well oiled machine, know exactly how many Calories your body needs with the Calorie Consuming Recommendation
  • Keep a record of the family's statistics - The Body Analyser can hold up to TEN users' results
  • Enjoy the Easy to Read 78mm x 28mm LCD Screen
  • Perfect for Anyone Aged 10-80 (weighing between 6kg and 180kg)
  • division 100g
  • Unit:P Kg,lb,st
  • Memory : 10 persons
  • Mesure : Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle, Bone, Calorie and BMI