Bamboo Mattress Topper + Bamboo Quilt + Bamboo Contour Pillow Twin Pack




Product type: Bedding

Vendor: Bdirect Shop


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bamboo topper: Our 1000GSM Luxury Bamboo Toppers with 5cm Gusset will rejuvenate and transform any mattress for a deeper healthier sleep with unbeatable softness and comfort
Soft yet supportive , breathable and thermal-regulating, our 1000GSM Luxury Bamboo Toppers with 5cm Gusset keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.
Our 1000GSM Luxury Bamboo Toppers will  ensure you enjoy luxurious sleep every night. It features 1000GMS fill for premium cushioning. A 100% cotton top filled with bamboo and microfiber filled provide luxurious hotel/resort style feel and durability. The topper is fully fitted to stay comfortably in place and stretches up to 45cm to fit most mattresses.   bamboo quilt: The 350GSM Bamboo quilt from Royal Comfort uses 40% micro fibre, blended with 60% bamboo fibre, resulting in an ultra-soft, premium quality luxury quilt for all year round.
Premium filling: bamboo quilts contain a 40-60 blend of premium quality micro fibre and natural bamboo fibres
Fabric: the very fine sateen weave of the Bamboo quilt covering uses cotton for an extremely smooth, soft, and lustrous .
Lightweight: 350gsm Bamboo Quilts are the perfect all rounder for any season, regulating temperatures for maximum comfort.
Moisture absorbent: keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer, and comfortable all year        contour bamboo pillow: Removable Washable Bamboo cover Wicks away moisture for sweaty sleepers. The pillow contours around your neck and cushions your head for unbelievable nights sleep