Bamboo 350 GSM Quilt + Bamboo Contour twin Pack




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The 350GSM Bamboo quilt from Royal Comfort uses 40% micro fibre, blended with 60% bamboo fibre, resulting in an ultra-soft, premium quality luxury quilt for all year round.

Premium filling: bamboo quilts contain a 40-60 blend of premium quality micro fibre and natural bamboo fibres

Fabric: the very fine sateen weave of the Bamboo quilt covering uses cotton for an extremely smooth, soft, and lustrous .

Lightweight: 350gsm Bamboo Quilts are the perfect all rounder for any season, regulating temperatures for maximum comfort.

Moisture absorbent: keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer, and comfortable all year                                        Our bundle of 2 x bamboo contour pillow will rejuvenate and transform any mattress for a deeper healthier sleep with unbeatable softness and comfort from top to bottom.