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Now you can cook perfect soft, medium and hard boiled eggs at the touch of a button. LG-310 cooks up to 7 eggs at once. With no guesswork, no underdone or onverdone eggs. Just add the indicated amount of water. Press "on" and your work  is done. LG-310 automaticcally steams eggs and alerts you when they're ready. 
Great for breakfast, snacks, appetizers and more. Features built-in timer, auto-off and steel piercing pin. Comes with measuring cup and poaching tray.
A nice day bigins with me !!!  
1. Transpare top allows you to view eggs wihile cooking.
2. Egg tray allows you to transport and serve eggs easily.
3. Base with stainless steel water tray effectively heats water to cook gradually
4. Built-in steel piercing pins
5. Includes: Lid, poaching tray, piercing pin, measuring cup and base.

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